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[Towertalk] Handling plexiglass

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Subject: [Towertalk] Handling plexiglass
From: (Jim Rhodes)
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 19:37:47 -0500
Use sharp tools and don't rush it. I have found that a drill press rather 
than hand drilling helps a lot. I use plexiglass scraps quite a bit in 
projects. Pick them up free from the glass place. Even pieces large enough 
to mount a couple of large variables find their way into the scrap bin. 
Then use small aluminum angle pieces to mount to chassis.

At 02:42 PM 9/14/02, Mark Beckwith wrote:
>I need to cut and drill plexiglass.  I will be making custom insulators for
>mounting matching network components (big air-variable capacitors) to
>assorted chasses.
>I have a dim recollection of trying this once when I was a dumb kid and just
>making a big mess and ruining all the plexiglass.  What tips do you learned
>ones offer for cutting and drilling plexiglass.
>If anyone has a better (i.e. easier) idea for mounting these big honking
>things (besides plexiglass) I would be happy to know it.
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