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Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 21:14:47 EDT
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> Question for a SteppIR owner: where exactly is
>  the DE placed on the boom?

I own one. It is not yet up, but the latest instruction book says:

Director - Driven  =  89.5 "
Driven - Reflector = 102.5" 

I think the SteppIR is a BIG step in the right direction.  As far as tuning 
goes, it is a no commpromise design. You can have a resonant antenna on any 
band with good to excellent directivity and gain, with a modest weight and 
windload, and minimum fuss puttting it up. This speaks volumes to all of us 
with small portions of real estate.
The small improvement in F/B for a variable boom length would seem not 
worthwhile to me.   For the purist, I would opt for using a second SteppIR, 
above the first, and use a different boom length. No interaction problem 
(IMO) since you could set the unused one to 6m or higher.  
I do plan to investigate using a 2nd 2EL unit with center loading coils on 
40M. It should be tunable over the full band with the proper choice of coil. 
I have yet to model it (too many Honey do's). 
A variable boom length would be a real mechanical challenge compared to the 
relative simplicity of the element tuning. (That said, the concept of two 
rack & pinions, stacked and constrained in some manner......or maybe two 
garage door tracks.....who knows???)
Bob, W5LT

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