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[Towertalk] The StepIR

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Subject: [Towertalk] The StepIR
From: (Mel Martin (VE2DC))
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 12:49:35 -0400
A few comments...

Not that innovative... anybody remember the "Cliffdweller" about 30 years
ago? Same basic idea... for 40 and 80... single element though.

Caution is not "pessimism and negativity"...

And some of the statements of proponents of the antenna:

"No compromises" - yes there are... the biggest one is mechanical

"will require less maintenance than all the traps and exposed metal
ham antennas depend upon today' - This is misrepresenting the discussions on
the reflector. Maintenance can be a problem for aluminium antennas in very
specific environments... such as exposure to salt spray. I doubt the StepIR
would fare better... a simple 3-el aluminium Yagi should last just about
forever in most environments. Traps are another subject, and trapped
tribanders are not really "state of the art" as far as reliability. After
messing with beams for more years than I like to relate... frankly, I'm a
sceptic. I believe in the K.I.S.S. method. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Then
again, I've been wrong before...

If you need continuous frequency coverage, and/or have relatively easy
access to the antenna, it might make sense... Might also be a great
FD/DXpedition antenna...

>-As long as sincerely interested prospective buyers do not get 'scared off'
>by all the pessimism and negativity against a new and innovative antenna

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