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Subject: [Towertalk] KT 34A Antenna
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Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 14:40:26 EDT
Lately I have been scavenging bits and pieces and partials of KT 34 antennas. 
 I have managed to put together a second KT 34XA to match my first one and it 
works well with a typical SWR.  

One of the acquistiions I made was a new partially assembled KT 34A which was 
manufactured around 1982 according to the material I got with the antenna.  
The dimensions  of the KT 34A vary quite a bit from the dimensions of the KT 
34XA for the A, B and C measurements.  

I have checked several of the KT 34 A s that I just refurbished and 
reassembled and all of them have flakey SWRs.  Changing out the baluns did 
not change anything.  I am very familiar with the KT 34XA antennas since I 
have owned a KT 34XA for years and went through all the usual suspects where 
there might be shorting or lack of continuity with no success.  However, the 
only manual I have for the KT34 is from 1982, although I have a KT 34XA 
manual which is more recent.

My questuion is this.  Were the dimensions for the KT 34 A changed over the 
years.   In my manual:
Reflector:  A...60.5, B...47.5, C...28, D...18
Rear driven  A...55, B...47.75, C...27, D...21
Front driven  A...45, B...43, C...26, D...18
Director  A...51, B...43.25, C...24.5, D...20

Do these dimensions vary from the measurements in later manuals?

Bill K4XS  

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