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[Towertalk] 60' R45 2 Sets Guy

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Subject: [Towertalk] 60' R45 2 Sets Guy
From: (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 17:39:01 -0400
I would like to help a local erect 60 feet of Rohn 45, with two sets of
guy wires, on a suburban lot with trees, and with an 18' boom tribander
(Force 12) on top. If you have a photograph of such an installation,
suitable for:
1. Convincing his wife that it won't be horrible, and 
2. Showing to his neighbors to reduce the potential for opposition

would you be kind enough to send me such a photo? Obviously, if the photo
you submit has variations (an ATB-34 or A4S, for example, instead of a
Force 12 C-4), or is, perhaps 55' or 65' tall, but is still Rohn 45,
please let me know. If you do not want the location or identifying
information disclosed, please let me know.

I am now collecting photos of various installations for such purposes. I
do NOT want photos which do not fairly represent the benign effect of
locating such an antenna support structure and antenna system in a
suburban environment. I want only fair representations, normally taken
from a property line or the public way.

Can you help? Please e-mail any such photos as attachments (do not send
me 4 MB files, please -- use common sense). One photo per e-mail. Thanks.

Fred Hopengarten K1VR             
Six Willarch Road * Lincoln, MA 01773-5105
781/259-0088 *eFax 419/858-2421

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