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Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 18:01:32 EDT
>If it's designed for that kind of environment... it may not be, as that
would add to the cost. Somebody was making antennas with copper tape
embedded in fibreglass elements years ago... I'm sure what happened to
them... seemed like a good idea, especially for 40M........VE2DC

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I had one back in 1972 thru about 1975, a 3L 40M yagi. It was made by Kirk Co 
who called them "Helicoidal Yagis". The elements were reduced size, about 46' 
or so and were helix wound copper tape on fiberglass "quad spreader" type 
tubes. The boom was also fiberglass, about 36' long if I recall. Performance 
was just so-so and wind survivability was poor. It finally blew apart in a 
50-60mph wind/icestorm and I replaced it with a Mosely S-402. 

73, Bob K8IA

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