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[Towertalk] Need Antenna Advice!

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Subject: [Towertalk] Need Antenna Advice!
From: (John Silberman)
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:41:28 -0400
Pete,  Chuck,

In the early 60's, there was the "Cliff dweller" antenna. No, not the slinky.  
It was a well made heavy
duty rotatable dipole with motorized elements.  It was a great antenna, but 
when the motors and gears
wore out the antenna had to be junked, specialized parts and unavailability 
killed the antenna.  Any
one hear of any original cliff dwellers still in operation? I bet most people 
don't even remember this
fine antenna.  I suspect, as fine an antenna StepIR is,  it will go the same 
way.  Then the owners will
have an expensive 3 element monobander of the band of their choice, for $1000+. 
 Has anyone priced what
a motor for just one of the elements would cost, just to have a spare??


Chuck Sudds wrote:

> VERY true, Pete!  My second concern is getting it down off the top of my
> 90ft tower to get repaired!!
> Chuck  KØTVD
> >Which is useful as long as you believe the company will survive to honor
> >it.  I'd be a little worried about finding replacements for those special
> >motors in the element centers, as well as other special bits, if the
> >company went away.
> >73, Pete N4ZR
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