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Subject: [Towertalk] Wood Mast Bearing
From: (Bob Harrison)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 13:46:04 -0600
If you're going to use wood then try and get hold of a block of Lignum
Vitae it it=92s a very hard, very dense self lubricating wood and in =
gone by was used in bearings =96 including the first chronometer!
Bob Harrison / VE6BRH
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> The mast is 2.5" OD.  If I use a 2.5" hole saw to
> cut a hole in a board, will the wood swell and bind
My rotator is situated at the base of my tower. I use wooden mast
bearing as
guides for the drive tube that extends from the base of the tower up to
mast that passes through a sealed metal bearing about 6' from the top of
tower and then through the thrust bearing at the top of the tower.
 If you use wooden bearing then it might be a good idea to immerse them
paraffin wax heated to a temperature that drives water out of the
wooden. I
treated each bearing for at least 30 mins this way. You can see the
of moisture exiting the wood when the paraffin temperature is hot
DO NOT attempt to do this on the stove or indoors. Paraffin is highly
flammable. I used a camp stove on the patio.
Treating wooden bearing with paraffin has some advantages. It preserves
wood. It reduces swelling. And it provides a bit of lubrication.
I will leave it to others to specify the proper diameter - I did not
need a
tight fit since I was only using my wooden bearings are guides and not
bearing in the true sense of the word. However, I understand that some
farm machinery used wooden bearings.
** Standard liability disclaimer - I am not an expert only an amateur
sharing my experiences ***
.. sylvan
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