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[Towertalk] US Towers..Lousy Support

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Subject: [Towertalk] US Towers..Lousy Support
From: (Chuck O'Neal)
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 22:23:06 -0400
A year ago I tried to order 3 of their custom 111ft. motorized =
telescoping towers
that they had designed and built for a cell co.  Nice stuff that they =
don't offer to the
amateur community, but at $28K a pop, no wonder.  Anyway, after many
attempts to get my order entered, they replied with a statement that =
they have
too much cell business to deal with hams.  Forget them.  I'm not sure =
why they
still advertise in QST or any amateur mags after this!!!
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  Along the same note, I've been trying to get US Towers to help me with =
  tower that I have & would like to refurbish. I have left six or more=20
  messages, sent E-mail after E-mail, and gotten only one response =
telling me=20
  the tower should be replaced. I've gotten no return calls after =
  multiple messages over a span of five weeks. I guess they don't want =
  support their products, only sell new ones. I'll not consider =
  one of their products again.

  At 06:43 PM 9/17/2002 -0400, Chuck Counselman wrote:
  >>>unfortunately, US Towers says they "don't have the yield strength"
  >>>for their masts....
  >>>73, David K4ZZR
  >The building code in my area (eastern MA) requires 90-mph-wind =
  >so I sent email to US Towers (at the address given on their website)=20
  >asking whether any of their towers can survive 90-mph wind, and if =
  >with how many sq. ft. of antenna on top, and with what guying.  I got =
  >unresponsive reply so I asked again.  This time I got no response at=20
  >all.  I conclude that no US Towers tower can survive 90 mph, even =
with no=20
  >On the Rohn website, you find very detailed wind-loading info.
  >73 de Chuck, W1HIS
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