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[Towertalk] US Towers..Lousy Support

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Subject: [Towertalk] US Towers..Lousy Support
From: (Howard Klein)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:44:59 +0000
>favor of any useful comments about the products and dealers/manufacturers
>that we give our money to.

So, how about some comments on Glen Martin, I didn't even realize they sold 
whole towers until I went to their web site. They were very prompt with a 
quote for me for alternatives to Rohn SCL, and the quote was very 
competitive, but the sticking point would be the $500 shipping charge just 
for MO to OH. And I would need a forklift...

Larry  N8KU

I hate to get into tower manufacturer bashing but if I can save a fellow ham 
some grief it may be worth it. I have purchased TWO towers from GM and I 
can't even get the smallest part. At Dayton I asked them to send me some 
parts and asked for information but only got promises. A month or so later I 
called and was promised a quick response but never got either the parts or 
the information. I have since bypassed them for my tower needs. Other 
thoughts. It is a well made tower but it IS ALUMINUM. There is NO climbing. 
There are times you must get to the top of the tower. I had to replace an 
upper guy and required a manlift. I have wanted to stack antennas but this 
interferes with the Hazer path. I eventually overcame this by installing a 
second Hazer on my tower but the lower antenna remains fixed. By the way 
they paid freight when I bought my towers 3-4 years ago.



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