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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 08:46:00 -0700
Me again!

Another question (have lots with the tower just gone up!):

I have a pair of PAR OA-50 Omni Angles that I have been using on 6 meters for 
the last 4 years or so.  I had them mounted previously on a mast on a roof 
tripod, but now with the tower, I want to side mount them on the tower itself.  
They get spaced 12 feet apart and give a small amount to give a small amount of 

These are fairly good sized antennas being for 6 meters.  I was up top about to 
install one yesterday evening when I realized that it was going to be in my way 
for doing any work above it.  It's not like you can put your safety belt around 

So how does anyone else handle these?  Would you mount them on a pole connected 
to a sidearm on the tower as opposed to mounting to the tower itself?

Secondly, what will my guys do with interfering with the antennas themselves.  
It's not like I can really get away from being in the proxmimity of the 
guys.....What's the best way to mount the antennas taking that into 
consideration?  Do I put them between the two sets of guys or do I put one 
antenna above the top guy wires and the other one below?

Surely someone else out there is using these as they are great for 6m Omni 
directional work, particularly for working sporadic E openings.......



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