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[Towertalk] re: U.S. Tower support

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Subject: [Towertalk] re: U.S. Tower support
From: (Bill Steffey)
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 12:08:39 -0500
Had the same problem with a damaged tower....
had the same problem with dealer; but he tried to help;;;
US Tower picked up the mess... and help arrange for the second tower;
which was also forklifted/rammed by the trucker,,,,,,
and the third tower which was and is a charm...mdlp72 motorized
if you want to see, the link to epson web site is below

bill ny9h   ( with help from yl   melanie n9soj )

At 11:56 AM 9/18/02, wrote:

>    When I purchased my HDX-555 about three years ago, I went through a 
> dealer
>who subsequently has disappeared from the marketplace under duress.
>    When the tower eventually arrived, I found it to have been damaged in
>transit. I refused delivery, and it stayed on the truck for return to the 
>Tower factory in California.
>    I immediately called the dealer, but he was most unhelpful. (The hounds
>apparently were baying at his door, and he was running for cover.) So I 
>U.S. Tower.

NY9H pictures on Epson's Photo site, the pix files are 

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