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[Towertalk] Dismantling towers

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Subject: [Towertalk] Dismantling towers
From: (Mark Pride)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 13:10:02 -0400
Here is another caution  when taking down someone else's  tower.
Disconnecting guys along the way up and dropping the sections in thirty
minutes is quite a feat (in stupidity).  I once took down a tower, removing
guys starting at the upper set, and working my way down (the proper
method).  On the last set, if it hadn't been for a few trees to catch the
still connected guys,I would probably be dead now.  The base was barely in
concrete - apparently the original owner just set it on ledge and put about
2 inches of concrete on it to keep the base "stable".  When one of the 3
guys was released, the tower just went over!  What a surprise to ride it
down from 40 ft,, while another well known contester at 35 ft. goes for the
ride of his life too!  The tower stopped at 5 ft. above ground due to guys
being caught in the tree branches.

Lesson learned:  Add a temporary set of guys at probably the 20 ft. level
to improve the safety margin with unknown bases.

If the tower was properly installed, it would have made for a simpler


Mark, K1RX (that other NH tower crew)

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