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[Towertalk] Box forSPG and Lightning protectors

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Subject: [Towertalk] Box forSPG and Lightning protectors
From: Eje Gustafsson <> (Eje Gustafsson)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 21:38:10 -0500
Hello Jon,

Uhm. Yes. There are surge suppressors both for Cat 5 (ethernet) and
phone lines. You should seriously never plug in a computer to your
phoneline without a phone line surge suppressor unless you live in
lighting free area.
In our computer store we see 2-4 computers with blown modems and
powersupplies after each thunderstorm.

A Cat5 surge suppressor is around $12-20 and functions for normal,Asterisks#anchor1
ethernet. Phoneline suppressors there are some $10 onces at
radioshack. On more expensive power surge suppressors you often have
a phone line suppressor.
If you need to run Power over Ethernet (PoE) then you need more
expensive suppressors that protect all 8 pins and can do more then
10-15v. Then ISDN/T1 protectors comes tome mind (more expensive and
don't work to good with 100Mbit).,Asterisks#anchor1

Hope this helps.

/ Eje

JO> on 9/19/02 8:10 PM, Guy Olinger, K2AV at wrote:

>> If your shack is right next to the SPG, well good. If your shack is at
>> a distance, like on an upper floor or in the "bonus room" over the
>> garage, then ground everything (this includes phone lines, cat5, etc)
>> in the shack to a common point in the shack, including a healthy
>> safety ground run to the ground at the SPG, and whatever you may be
>> using to effect an RF ground.

JO> OK, so how does one ground the phone lines and Cat 5 cables?  Do you need to
JO> run them into special surge protection devices or are there grounding blocks
JO> available for these?

JO> 73,

JO> Jon

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