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[Towertalk] Box forSPG and Lightning protectors

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Subject: [Towertalk] Box forSPG and Lightning protectors
From: (Eje Gustafsson)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 23:14:59 -0500
No offense Bill BUT...
Grounding does you NO good on a line that don't have any surge suppressor. 
If you go look you will find that the phonelines that comes to your 
house and a lot of others either don't have ANY suppressors or 
the cables shield isn't even tied of into ground.

If what you say would be true then I would NOT see 3-4 computers
after each bigger thunderstorm with blown modems. 
Get a surge protector for your phone line especially if it's 
hooked up to expensive equipment.
Do you run surge protector on your TV antenna ? Cable TV service ?
If not then you have 2 other places a surge can come in and if you 
have cable tv or sat tv then you more then likely have a PPV unit 
with a phone line hooked into it. Surge in on antenna port, surge out on phone 
port and you now have a surge on your phone line killing everything that wasn't 
surge protected (if your lucky it will ONLY take your modem in your computer).

As for cat 5. Every single piece of cat 5 equipment I can think of is 
attached to the power grid. You have a EMP hit that comes in through your power 
grid and blows your hub/switch then chances that it jumps 
into your cat 5 is HUGE unless you have proper surge protection on 
all electrical outlets. 
Do you know have much 200' of cable can collect EMP ? 
I heard about people with CV radios that when they detached their
antenna when lightning comes closer they can have gaps of inches
over which static electricity is jumping and lightning can "only" be heard in 
Nothing is much different with cat5 network. But if you only have 10' or short 
runs like that chances are slim. 
A while back I lost a router due to lightning. 
Powerplug was surgeprotected, cable modems power was surge protected and 
outside the house cable co had installed a surge protector. 
Still my ethernet port towards the cable modem on my router got blown due to 
Don't hurt to pay $10-$20 per unit. That is CHEAP insurance. 
Beats having to run out and buy a new router for $200 or worse a
new computer for $1.5k. 
You say insurance... Well most of them want you to pay up $500 out of 
your pocket. Well I' rather spend a few times $10-$20 and be on a 
safer side then have to pay $500 to insurance company to replace my
computers worth $1k or more. 

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From: "Bill Hider \(N3RR\)" <>
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Date:  Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:39:31 -0400

>Let's take this one item at a time:
>Phone lines (TELCO) come into the house from the outside (either above or
>below ground).
>Most, if not all, codes require TELCOs to provide lightning protection on
>each pair of lines
>entering the house. So, don't worry about this.  Just be sure your ground
>grid at your house
>ties the TECLO ground into it.  I do this by tying my house ground-grid into
>the TELCO
>ground rod.  See: for pictures and pictorials.
>CAT5 cables do not come into the house from the outside.  So, don't worry
>about the external SPG.
>They are something you ran throughout the house as a LAN.  I used Shielded
>CAT5 cable and made a SPG for that cabling in the
>TELCO closet and grounded the SINGLE CAT5 ground wire to TELCO's ground
>(which is connected
>to the house SPG).  If you didn't use shielded CAT5, I have no idea what
>grounding there is on non-shielded CAT5.
>That should answer the question.
>Bill, N3RR
>Bill Hider
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>Subject: Re: [Towertalk] Box forSPG and Lightning protectors
>> on 9/19/02 8:10 PM, Guy Olinger, K2AV at wrote:
>> > If your shack is right next to the SPG, well good. If your shack is at
>> > a distance, like on an upper floor or in the "bonus room" over the
>> > garage, then ground everything (this includes phone lines, cat5, etc)
>> > in the shack to a common point in the shack, including a healthy
>> > safety ground run to the ground at the SPG, and whatever you may be
>> > using to effect an RF ground.
>> OK, so how does one ground the phone lines and Cat 5 cables?  Do you need
>> run them into special surge protection devices or are there grounding
>> available for these?
>> 73,
>> Jon
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