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Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 06:03:43 -0600
Another N4KG  NEVERism:

NEVER *assume* a tower base alone will support an unguyed tower,
even just a few sections unless you KNOW the exact details of the
base.  Rohn cautions that most tower accidents happen while 
REMOVING unknown towers.

My prefered method is to use temporary guys (at 20 ft) and then to
either lay the last two sections over or use another set of temporary
guys at 10 ft.

Tom  N4KG

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002 13:10:02 -0400 "Mark Pride" <>
> Here is another caution  when taking down someone else's  tower.
> Disconnecting guys along the way up and dropping the sections in 
> thirty
> minutes is quite a feat (in stupidity).  I once took down a tower, 
> removing
> guys starting at the upper set, and working my way down (the proper
> method).  On the last set, if it hadn't been for a few trees to 
> catch the
> still connected guys,I would probably be dead now.  The base was 
> barely in
> concrete - apparently the original owner just set it on ledge and 
> put about
> 2 inches of concrete on it to keep the base "stable".  When one of 
> the 3
> guys was released, the tower just went over!  What a surprise to 
> ride it
> down from 40 ft,, while another well known contester at 35 ft. goes 
> for the
> ride of his life too!  The tower stopped at 5 ft. above ground due 
> to guys
> being caught in the tree branches.
> Lesson learned:  Add a temporary set of guys at probably the 20 ft. 
> level
> to improve the safety margin with unknown bases.
> If the tower was properly installed, it would have made for a 
> simpler
> scenario.
> Regards,
> Mark, K1RX (that other NH tower crew)
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