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Subject: [Towertalk] Old Antennas
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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 23:52:12 -0500
I  have  an  old  (ca.  1975) HyGain TH6DXX and an older (ca.
1965) HyGain 402B(A).  The antennas are not complete in that
the boom of the 402 is missing as are the boom extensions of
the  TH6.  All plastic parts died during 25 years of storage
in  a  Texas  attic  (this  includes  trap end caps) and the
linear  loading  wire  of  the  402,  although  present,  is
somewhat  less  than  linear.   That said, these might be of
some  use  to  someone with the same (or similar) antennas as
spare parts, etc.  If you live in range of Fort Worth
and are interested in either or both of these antennas, give
me a call (at work): 817-777-6266 or reply to this email.
The antennas are free.


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