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Subject: [Towertalk] Old Antennas
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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 21:20:45 -0500
and I can help FILL IN a lot of this as well..  I have several HyGain mono's
and plenty of boom  and element material all from Hygain antennas..located
here in Dallas proper.. you pick no pay nothing.. thanx  mac/mc
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Subject: [Towertalk] Old Antennas

> I  have  an  old  (ca.  1975) HyGain TH6DXX and an older (ca.
> 1965) HyGain 402B(A).  The antennas are not complete in that
> the boom of the 402 is missing as are the boom extensions of
> the  TH6.  All plastic parts died during 25 years of storage
> in  a  Texas  attic  (this  includes  trap end caps) and the
> linear  loading  wire  of  the  402,  although  present,  is
> somewhat  less  than  linear.   That said, these might be of
> some  use  to  someone with the same (or similar) antennas as
> spare parts, etc.  If you live in range of Fort Worth
> and are interested in either or both of these antennas, give
> me a call (at work): 817-777-6266 or reply to this email.
> The antennas are free.
> Mike
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