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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 15:08:01 EDT
The bottom line that Phillystran told me was that if you plan on having the
tower in place for many years to come, then spend the money on their
product.  If you plan on having the tower in place for only 5 to 10 years
then don't bother.
I don't understand that reasoning.  Even if you move after having the tower 
up for five years and move to a new location, you can still reinstall the 
Phillystran on the new tower. I have used the same Philly at two locations.  
After almost twenty years the stuff still looks good. Besides if you ever 
want to sell it there is a huge market for used Philly.  At every hamfest I 
go to guys are hunting for it. 
In climates like Florida Philly is the way to rust on guy wires. 
Bill K4XS 

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