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[Towertalk] Is a "free" tower a good deal?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Is a "free" tower a good deal?
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 15:31:34 -0700
For sure, Bill.  But the original post discussed a wire, and a step up to a
tower and beam of any kind was a quantum leap.  Going to stacked beams,
especially ones that rotate individually, seems like several quantum leaps
and I doubt he had anything like that in mind as a remote possibility...but
it sure does work well!


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> *Note: Telescoping towers have one more advantage: They can be height
> optimized for the band and conditions.  Sometimes 60' is way too tall to
> work close-in DX on 10 meters, and 30' works better.   With a retracting
> tower, you can accomplish that in a minute.  With a fixed tower, you
> cannot.
> Not necessarily.  With a fixed tower you can stack antennas, including 
> tribanders.  Not only do you get 2-3 db more gain, but you get the
> abiltity 
> to use BIP/BOP/TOP/BOT to accomodate different angles of radiation.  Plus,
> you get the extra benefit of having the abiltity to use radiate in two 
> different directions...and you don't have to worry about cranking the
> tower 
> up and down.
> Bill K4XS
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