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Subject: [Towertalk] Philystran cost
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Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 09:35:42 -0400
Last time I bought Phillystran from Texas Tower, they sold it by the foot.
I replaced my 1/4" ehs which had been up for 22 years. I tilt over my tower
(80' of  Rohn 45) and was getting concerned due to the age and rust on the
ehs. The first you notice is how much lighter the Phillystran is compared to
the ehs with insulators and guy grips. I end the Phillystran at about 10'
above ground. I made the lengths of Phillystran about 4' longer and coiled
up the end after the guy grip. This way, when I move again, if the slope of
the ground isn't quite level, I will have enough Phillystran.
I'm adding a tribander at 40' and felt the Phillystran has to be better than
rotating the beam among the guy cables.

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I'm not sure where you can purchase small quantities of EHS.  I think Texas
Towers only sells it in 500' lengths so if you have a small installation,
you may need to buy 500'.   Unless you are in a highly corrosive
environment, I don't see what the length of time you have the tower has to
do with deciding whether or not to use Phillystran.  Phillystran costs more,
but it's much easier to install and totally invisible to RF.


>>>Jon Ogden said:
> Phyllistran runs around 45 cents a foot if I remember correctly.
> EHS can be had for around 11 to 13 cents a foot.
> Jerry's right about some of the extra costs, but consider that you will
> grips for the Phillystran as well, plus you will need some additional EHS
> for leaders at the ground, etc.  I really doubt the costs come out even.
> The bottom line that Phillystran told me was that if you plan on having
> tower in place for many years to come, then spend the money on their
> product.  If you plan on having the tower in place for only 5 to 10 years
> then don't bother.
> 73,
> Jon
> NA9D

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