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Subject: [Towertalk] Changing towers
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:59:08 -0700
Re: K3BU's suggestion...

I wouldn't do this, because unless I'm mistaken, I thought the original
tower was aluminum, which means the original base legs are also aluminum and
likely not up to the task of supporting a new tower that weighs seven or
eight times more than the original one.  -WB2WIK/6

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> > If you're thinking of the TX-455, which is their smallest 55' tower, the
> >  2.75 yards of concrete would normally be enough, but only with the
> standard
> >  base embedded in a monolithic pour.  Drilling for j-bolts or whatever
> is a
> >  bit risky, the pour obviously won't be monolithic and you may damage
> the
> >  existing structure.  I'd probably dig a different hole and start again,
> with
> >  the U.S. tower base.  You can use the existing concrete as a base for a
> nice
> >  barbecue!  -WB2WIK/6
> If the tower and situation was mine, I would:
> Cut the old legs and leave some length sticking out. I could stick
> expansion 
> bolts inside the tubing or steel rods with tight fit and weld to beef them
> up.
> I would fabricate steel plate larger than the base of new tower (like 
> hexagon?). Drill (3) holes to fit over old tower legs, and (3) holes for
> new 
> concrete anchor bolts. (End up with six holes evenly spaced.)
> Drill holes for new anchors in the base (using plate as a template) and 
> cement the anchors.
> I would weld the new tower base to this plate, place the plate over old
> leg 
> stumps, screw the plate to the new anchors, weld the plate to old leg
> stumps.
> This way I would end up with original (hopefully sufficient) concrete base
> and structure in it, plus new additional anchors to secure tilting
> momentum.
> The new anchors are usually as good or better than old concacrete (just
> ask 
> Jimmy Hoffa :-(
> Yuri, K3BU
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