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[Towertalk] Mast Coupler?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Mast Coupler?
From: (Jim White, K4OJ)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 16:01:12 -0400
if you are using two pieces spliced why bother with the extension... 
typically a splice is synonymous with failure point, eh?  

Suspect you want to have about half of it in the tower and half of it 
out of the tower - better to use a 16 footer and borrow a gin pole in my 

You can fabricate a gin pole for this application if need be - be sure 
to make it tall enough that you can elevate the middle to half the masts 
length above the top of the tower - otherwise you will need 
counterweights, etc. - and significantly will increase the "pucker 
factor"  (that is a direct quote from the list moderator re this type of 

K4OJ wrote:

>Greetings.  I need to get a 16ft mast down the center of a tower which is 
>already standing.  I don't have a gin pole available, and it's not feasible to 
>remove enough braces to get it up from the bottom.  I was thinking about two 
>8ft sections of mast, which I could handle down the top or from the bottom 
>without a problem.  This is a non-rotating mast, the bottom will be clamped on 
>a rotator shelf with a GM MC-10 mast adapter.  I would like to use 2" alum 
>Do they make mast couplers that would enable me to splice two sections 
>Thanks - Jeff, WB2RUZ
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