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[Towertalk] Used TH6 recommendations needed

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Subject: [Towertalk] Used TH6 recommendations needed
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Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 21:32:31 EDT
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> I currently have a used TH6-something that I took down for an old-timer
>  who is going to make do with an 80M dipole. The clamps are all rusted and
>  the plastic is falling apart. It's in a pile in my backyard.
>  As a gradual student 
    Hopefully you're a graduate student (apparently not an English major).

>  with not much money, I'm thinking of putting it back
>  together with hose clamps and electrical tape for CQWW and putting it up
>  about 20' off the ground on a roof mount above a garage. I can either do
>  that, or just stick with a Butternut. I also have a 6/10M quad up about
>  40' mounted on a chimney. The ground slopes off to the north and to the
>  east and the quad works quite well when the band is open. (Heck, piece of
>  spaghetti works quite well when the band is open. :) )
>  Anyone have any experiences refitting one of these? Should I just stick
>  with the Butternut for now?

    TH6? Vertical? TH6? Vertical? Go for the beam anytime!! And have a ball! 
Use the vertical as the backup ant. 

Steve   K7LXC

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