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Subject: [Towertalk] TH-3 vs 5 elem 10
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Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 06:54:29 -0600
Congratulations !

Another testimonial that HIGHER IS *NOT* ALWAYS BETTER :-)

Your observations probably say more about take-off angles
for the two antennas at 35 and 72 ft than the gain difference
between the two antennas.  Note that over FLAT ground,
a 72 ft high 10M antenna will have lobes centered at 7 and 22 
degrees with a NULL around 14 degrees.  A 35 ft high 10M antenna 
will have a broader lobe centered around 14 degrees, right where
the higher antenna has a DEEP  NULL :-).

Tom  N4KG

On Sat, 28 Sep 2002 Peter Larsen <> writes:
> Hi All:
> Just some fun observations.
> I now have my 5 element hombrew 10 meter yagi at 35 feet.
> I also have a TH-3 at 72 feet.
> The TH3 is noticeably better on DX eg VK9NS on ten.
> The 5 elem isn't too far behind on receive, so I used the 
> TH3. But I was listening to two US guys talking, one was
> mobile. The 5 elem was vastly better on the base station but
> The TH3 was better on the mobile.
> Both stations were on the east coast.
> Just some thing to make me go hmmm.
> (no science was involved, just listening/working stations)
> The up side of all of this of course is the fact I can DX in two 
> directions at once :-)
> Peter
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