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[Towertalk] 45G (guyed) vs. SSV (self-supp'g) 70-ft. tower

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Subject: [Towertalk] 45G (guyed) vs. SSV (self-supp'g) 70-ft. tower
From: (Steve Maki)
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 14:57:02 -0400
W1HIS wrote:

>At 7:55 AM -0600 9/30/02, wrote:
>>Why don't you call Texas Towers, get the prices for ALL
>>of the material you would need and add it up YOURSELF?
>>...Then call a professional tower installer (K7LXC is one) and
>>get a quote on the cost of installation of each approach?
>>YOU could even call multiple sources and compare prices.

>That's exactly what I'll do if it's not going to waste those folks' 
>time.  All I asked for here was an _estimate_.  I expected that among 
>Towertalk subscribers there'd be folks who could give me estimates 
>right off the tops of their heads because they'd traveled this road 
>As a newbie, I don't know whether the cost difference would be $3k or 
>$30k.  The cost of the steel seems negligible, but erection of a 
>self-supporting tower looks like an awful big job.

Depends. If you are willing to assemble it yourself (on the
ground), and your lot permits access to a small crane, it might
not be any more expensive. A crane would be in and out of there
in an hour - here in MI I'd expect to pay around $800 for that
job. A professional tower crew would charge at least that to
install a guyed tower, and that's only if the base and guy anchors
are already in. The self support foundation of course is more expensive,
and if you hire someone to assemble the tower, factor that in, but
it's not going to be a night and day difference.

Steve K8LX

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