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[Towertalk] Fence charger FCC

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Subject: [Towertalk] Fence charger FCC
From: (Randy Wing)
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 11:57:46 -0600
I've leaned up against one of those livestock electric fences.  Don't do it.
I can still remember every moment of that experience at it was 25 years ago.

Those are preferred by farmers because they actually will burn off the weeds
as they grow into contact range.

Ditto on what Tom says.


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> IF you go to 'fix' the fence, be careful.
> I have seen two types of chargers.
> The ones for pets are a few hundred volts
> and ordinary 600V rubber gloves should be OK.
> I had a dog that would just walk through the
> fence, wiggling as she went, to get out.
> Chargers for livestock can run up to several THOUSAND Volts.
> Best to turn the charger OFF before fooling with the fence :-)
> I've seen dogs come running and howling after hitting my
> neighbors livestock fence.
> Tom  N4KG
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