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[Towertalk] Cushcraft R8 Vertical Loading Problem

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Subject: [Towertalk] Cushcraft R8 Vertical Loading Problem
From: (Red)
Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2003 08:32:36 -0600
It may be a breakdown of insulation somewhere in the system, associated 
with the higher voltage at higher power.  Does it happen on one or more 
bands but not all?  Only at certain frequencies?  Breakdown could be a 
result of a problem anywhere the transmitter to the antenna, inclusive. 
 Have you another transmitter to try?  I assume SWR is low on all 
frequencies until the problem appears; confirm?  Is it easy to tilt or 
climb the tower to check all connections and substitute another 
feedline?  Ask Cushcraft if there are any reactive components in the R8 
that generate high voltage or that are otherwise subject to breakdown.

Good luck!  Here is an opportunity to study and learn from ham radio!

73 de WOØW

Fred_W._Hurd@HUD.GOV wrote:

>I just installed a Cushcraft R8 vertical on top of a 40' aluminum tower
>with grounding
>at the tower base. The antenna works great on all bands until I attempt to
>load more
>than 100 watts power, at which time the SWR jumps like crazy. I have double
>checked the cable connections and they are OK. Any idea of what my problem
>could be???
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