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Subject: [Towertalk] 450 line strain relief
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Date: Thu, 02 Jan 2003 17:57:55 -0500
Happy New Year all!
Barry wrote:

<<...snip... lower one to carry a monofilament line threaded thru the 
feedline so as to stabilise it when the wind blows. My ladder line danced 
about madly in the breeze. Am looking at about 70ft vertical drop, so 
stablisation might be a good idea....>>

Hi Barry,

I solved this by hanging a weight from the bottom of the ladder line. The 
way to do this and distribute the load of the weight is to tie a 3-4 foot 
piece of rope to the ladder line in two places about 18 inches apart. Then 
take an old windshield washer fluid bottle, paint it to protect from UV, 
fill it with some gravel, and fashion a galvanized wire hook to the handle. 
I use a painter's pole with a hook on top to pick up the bottle by its 
handle, and hook the bottle's hook onto the rope loop on the ladder line, 
which is out of reach overhead.
The rope loop is tied on in such a place that with the weight hanging from 
it, the weight creates a low spot where rain drips off.
When the wind blows, the weight may lift up here and there, as the ladder 
line begins to stray from the steady state position. Has worked great for 
about 2 years now.


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