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[Towertalk] Painting Antennas (Again)

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Subject: [Towertalk] Painting Antennas (Again)
From: (Eric Rosenberg)
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 00:05:59 -0500
Over the holidays, my family and I went to Norfolk, VA, where we 
visited the battleship USS Wisconsin, now on display at Nauticus 
(highly recommended!).

As you leave the battleship, there is a sign describing the ship's 
paint scheme and color.   The sign refers to the color as HAZE GRAY 
5-H, which is described as the best, non-obtrusive color against the 
sea and/or sky.

I've done some checking, but can't seem to find any description (mil 
spec?) or availability of this color other than in very small 
quantities by model makers.  Sounds like it may be the best for 
painting an antenna or (in my case) roof tower.

Can anyone provide more detail?

Thanks in advance & 73,

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

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