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[Towertalk] Varmints

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] Varmints
From: (Chuck Counselman)
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 22:05:47 -0500
At 11:53 PM +0000 1/4/03, Kris N5KM wrote:
>I have a long control cable just lying on the ground
>running out to a 4-square. Recently I found it chewed in half.
>There were animal chew marks all along it.
>Can anyone recommend a way to prevent this from happening
>other than burying the cable?

1. See the recent TowerTalk thread on electric fences.  :-)

2. Put the cable in conduit/pipe.  A master electrician with decades 
of experience with buried cables recently told me that PVC conduit 
keeps animals from chewing cables, although I thought steel would be 
necessary.  If the sight of the conduit doesn't bother you, I don't 
see why you'd have to bury it.  To minimize visibility, I'd use gray 
rather than white PVC.

-Chuck, W1HIS

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