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[Towertalk] HDR-300 rotator "stuck"

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Subject: [Towertalk] HDR-300 rotator "stuck"
From: (WYsixK)
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 08:54:39 -0800 (PST)
I had the same problem and cured it by putting a temporary jumper
around the limit switches.

The limit switch works by cutting off power to the rotor when it
rotates about 10 degrees past North.  This works when it is the motor
that is turning the rotator because the limit switch kills the power to
the motor before it rotates too far.  But the wind can push the rotator
past the desired limit and the limit switch is activated but is useless
- it can't prevent the wind from continuing to rotate it past the stop.
 However, when you try to bring the rotator back into the useful range
of its travel, it again activates the limit switch - even though it's
going in the opposite direction - when it gets to the stop, which cuts
off the power to the motor and keeps the rotator trapped in the stuck

I cured this by putting a toggle switch, located in the shack, around
the limit switch.  When the rotator gets stuck (which almost always
happens at the beginning of a contest) I just use the toggle switch to
short out the limit switch and it then allows me to use the motor to
rotate the rotator back into its useful range.  Then I return the
toggle to its open position and it all works normally until the wind
does its thing again.

I don't know that this is exactly what's happening to you, but it's a
common problem.

--- Craig Miller <> wrote:
> TT (and rotator) experts-
> Anyone have any experience with "unsticking" a Hy-Gain HDR-300 
> rotator?  Seems to be stuck at one end of the travel (0 degrees) on 
> the CCW limit switch.  Solenoid buzzes and releases OK.   Both limit
> switches look OK and make audible "click" when manually 
> depressed.
> Appreciate any and all input
> 73's,
> Craig
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