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From: (Bruce Miller)
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 07:38:13 -0700
During a recent installation of an M2 10 meter 7 element monobander, my
ham friend who was helping, began attaching the Phillystran from the
mast bracket to the outer ends of the boom.  We used Phillystran instead
of the nylon twine M2 provides.  He brought with him a handful of black
delrin discs each with 5 or 6 holes in them.  By weaving the Phillystran
a certain way thru the holes, the delrin disc became a clamp without the
traditional mechanical clamping hardware.  And, no rust issues.  We
adjusted the boom to horizontal by use of in line turnbuckles.  I can
get the sketch for these discs if you're interested.
Bruce AA5BH

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Subject: [Towertalk] Knots for Guys

There was a lot of discussion recently about knots, particularly the
bowline for making loops and using when the knot would remain under
tension. I want to use Phillystran to guy a 40 foot aluminum tower that
I bought, and I'm wondering if I can use bowline knots to secure the
line around the thimbles. I would definitely secure the line ends to the
main line (maybe tape them?) and the guys would be under constant
tension so the bowlines shouldn't slip.

Secondly, with Phillystran, would I still include a turnbuckle in each
guy to allow for adjustment, tightening, etc?

Last, would I have to use an aluminum thimble at the tower so it would
not be disimilar metals?

Advice appreciated.... Jerry

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