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[Towertalk] Temporary Use Permits

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Subject: [Towertalk] Temporary Use Permits
From: (Tom Anderson)
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2003 10:43:23 -0600
What worked for my XYL Cheryl (WY5H) and I was she drove around several
neighborhoods where we were looking at houses and found the ones with the BIG
backyard satellite dishes (this was in 1992 before the smaller rooftop  dishes
of today).  That way we knew there could be less opposition to a tower.  Then we
checked the deed records with the county on one house we were interested in, no
problems there, and even wrote it into the sales contract that we could back out
if there were any antenna/tower restrictions.  Also determined there was no
active homeowner's association.  Even checked with the city which had NO permit
requirements/restrictions other than 50 ft. height, which they seldom enforce.

When I got ready to put up the tower I told some of my neighbors I was friends

Only problems we've ever had in 10 years were 1. someone complained about RFI to
the city's code officer and he wrote me and I wrote him back (his son is a ham
by the way) asking when this occurred and I would check my log to see if I was
operating since two other hams live within a block of me and I never heard
another word from the city. and 2. a woman who lives behind us said my tower was
"attracting" lighting to her house which had been hit several times (her words)
since my tower went up.  She used to call me if my tower was cranked up and it
was raining to ask when I was going outside in the rain to crank it down.  I
told her she could come over and crank it down, I wasn't taking the risk.
Besides her backyard is filled with a couple dozen oak trees as tall or taller
than my 50 ft. crankup.  I think I have more of a danger of lightning hitting my
house from her trees than her house getting hit because of my tower.  She also
had a tall metal chimney for a free standing fireplace sticking out the top of
her house (2 1/2 story house) as tall as my tower when it is cranked up.

Tom, WW5L
Colleyville TX

"Blake M. Meinecke" wrote:

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> From: "fred toth" <>
> > What worked for me: I met with each of my immediate neighbors<
> I didn't need to get a permit, but I did the above just in case.  My job
> lands me in public hearings frequently, and I've witnessed people are more
> likely to get bent out of shape if they get the cold, buerocratic
> "form-letter" public-notice of an activity in the mail.  Also, before you go
> around spreading the word, take a walk and note any possible (visible)
> code/HOA violations your neighbors might be hiding themselves.  Document
> them for later  ;-)
> Blake N4GI
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