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Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 08:02:53 -0600
When asking for advice it helps to provide 
of the problem.

How much SPACE do you have?

What SUPPORTS do you have?

Yes, a Double Extended Zepp does have gain.
That gain is achieved by concentrating the
radiated energy in NARROW  LOBES.
Can you live with LIMITED COVERAGE?

To my mind the best single antenna solution
is a Rotary Dipole around 60 to 80 ft.  I find
that Horizontal Polarization is generally better
than Vertical polarization, especially on the 
higher bands (40 through 10).

The Cushcraft D3W is a GREAT 3 Band Dipole
for 30, 17, 12M.

I use a variety of dipoles for the WARC bands,
including 80M dipoles (3) which operate as current
fed Long Wires with 4 main lobes roughly 30 degrees
from each end of the wire plus smaller and narrower
lobes in between (coax or ladderline fed), 

a 100 ft Center Fed (ladderline) which acts as 
2 half waves in phase on 30M (50 degree beamwidth),
and a 20 M dipole (ladderline fed) which gives a figure 8
pattern from 10 through 30 Meters (GREAT antenna).

The BOOM of many Yagi's can be matched as a 
Rotary Dipole on either 30 or 40M, assuming the 
END elements are electrically connected to the boom
allowing them to act as large Capacity Hats.  I've matched
a 4L15 on a 20 ft boom, a 5L10 on a 28 ft boom, and 
a TH6 Boom as rotary dipoles on 30M using Omega Matches.

I have worked over 320 countries on each of the WARC Bands
using ONLY these various types of DIPOLE antennas.

Tom  N4KG

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003 "Kurt W. Zimmerman" <> writes:
> Greetings all;
>       I am searching out a project to put a 30 meter antenna up.  
> I would like your thoughts.  I've considered a Double Extended ZEPP 
> cut for 30 which makes the antenna about 124' long.  I'd consider a 
> vertical antenna as well.  That works out to be 23' for a 1/4 wave.  
> I know the ZEPP  provides gain (about 3 DB) over a dipole.
> Your thoughts?
> 73
> Kurt - W2MW

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