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Subject: [Towertalk] Aluminum tubing
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Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 09:06:13 -0600
Capt. Paul Lee, Vertical Antenna Handbook, described using aluminum 
irrigation tubing.  It comes in 30' lengths and, while nowhere near as 
strong as 6161, it is relatively inexpensive and works well for an 80 or 
75 meter 1/4 wave.  Capt. Lee describes a simple way of telescoping one 
into another with wooden shims and bolts.  I made aluminum collars, two 
per joint.  I dimensioned one to slide easily over the outside of the 
inside tube and the other to slide easily into the inside of the outer 
tube and fastened each to the tube with #8 machine screws.   There are 
screw holes only at the end of a tube and the integrity of the tube is 
not affected at all.  I've used as little as 2' overlap at a joint.

I've also telescoped tubing using nylon collars, available from 
Grainger, and machining them as necessary.  A step machined on the upper 
collar serves to stop the upper tube, which is clamped with the set 
screw of the collar,  at the desired length.  The electrical joint is 
constructed with 3 or 4 (depending on the diameters of tubing to be 
joined)  pieces of 1/16" by 3/4" aluminum, formed to step from the OD of 
one tube to the OD of the other, and clamped to each tube with a 
stainless hose clamp.  The material is soft enough to form to the 
curvature of the tubes quite easily.

I buy the tubing at farm supply stores.

73 de WOØW

Roland Guidry - WA5CHX wrote:

>Trying to construct a full size 75 meter vertical with Aluminum tubing
>starting from the bottom with 4 inch tubing and tapering up. Does anyone
>know where I could locate a supplier of this tubing in the Tri-State area of
>Texas, Louisiana or Mississippi. I am looking for some thin wall tubing.
>Thanks in advance.
>Roland, WA5CHX
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