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[Towertalk] RE Alumiinum Tubing

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Subject: [Towertalk] RE Alumiinum Tubing
From: Skip Caswell" < (Skip Caswell)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 17:53:28 -0600
Irrigation pipe is great cheap source of tubing to use for verticals.  I =
built a 75m bobtail curtain out of 20' sections of used irrigation pipe =
that I got from a farmer..  I joined the sections together with a two =
foot section of 3" pipe that I split/cut and used sheet metal screws to =
keep everything together.  The pipe will need at least two sets of guys, =
(nylon rope).  Stainless steel pipe clamps with chain links spaced 120 =
deg around the pipe will do for guy tieoffs.  Simple but effective.  The =
antenna is very broadbanded.  I had some help from some of the hams on =
the antenna reflector for the tuning ckt.

Skip KE9L

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