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[Towertalk] Big Grip or Guy-Grip - #2

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Subject: [Towertalk] Big Grip or Guy-Grip - #2
From: (Stan & Patricia Griffiths)
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 18:43:01 -0800
Hello Roger,

The cable you are describing does not sound like any EHS cable I have seen.
The EHS cable I have seen, both 1/4" and 3/16", has 7 solid strands.  I am
not sure either Big Grips OR Utility Grips should be used on the cable you
have . . .


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Subject: [Towertalk] Big Grip or Guy-Grip - #2

> Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry about Big Grips X Guy Grips. As
> could understand, there are still Big Grips available in the USA market
> 3/16" wire rope, but they are not currently listed in the PLP documents
> found at their WEB site. Maybe PLP is going to discontinue BG below 1/2"?
> This is what their PDF let me suppose...
> A much more complicated matter (at least for me) follows.
> My wire rope has diameter 3/16", is galvanized, EHS, 6 strands of 7 wires
> each (6 X 7). The strands are laid to the right and the individual wires
> (inside the strands) are laid to the left. This lay direction is known as
> "Right Hand Regular Lay". For better description of this classification,
> see
> When describing Big Grips and Guy Grips, the PLP documents say "Left hand
> lay standard" and also say "Big-Grip dead-ends must have the same lay
> as the strand to which they are applied."
> So,
> 1 - why the PLP standard is "left hand lay direction" if most wire rope
> types are right hand laid?
> 2 - which lay direction must be matched: the lay direction of the strands
> or the lay direction of the wires within the strands?
> I've E-Mailed PLP but the reply I got was completely worthless (the
> respondent simply asked me to call him by phone... and I am in Brazil).
> 73 de Roger - PY1OL
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