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[Towertalk] Big Grip or Guy-Grip - #2

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Subject: [Towertalk] Big Grip or Guy-Grip - #2
From: (Mike Gilmer, N2MG)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 06:38:27 -0500

As I told you privately, the photo you sent me of your guy wire is not of
any EHS I've ever seen - it appears to be what we often call aircraft cable.
EHS is quite stiff and "whippy" - it will not lay on the ground like a rope
in gentle curves, but rather tries very hard to lay straight.  It also comes
in coils/spools of much greater diameter than comparable aircraft cable.

The 2 questions at the bottom of your post are confirmation, IMO, that you
fo NOT have EHS cable and therefore, PLP's grips cannot be used:

1) Most EHS (ALL that I've seen) is left hand lay and that's what the grips
are designed for.
2) EHS is made up of 7 solid strands, and not 7 strands of 32 wires each
(for example) so the lay of the strands vs the lay of the wires is not an

I suspect that if you believe that "most wire rope types are right hand
laid" that you have never seen the type of EHS we are accustomed to in the

73 Mike N2MG

W7NI wrote:

> The cable you are describing does not sound like any EHS cable I
> have seen. The EHS cable I have seen, both 1/4" and 3/16", has 7
> solid strands.  I am not sure either Big Grips OR Utility Grips
> should be used on the cable you have . . .

> PY1OL wrote:
> > Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry about Big Grips X
> > Guy Grips.  As I could understand, there are still Big Grips available
> > in the USA market for 3/16" wire rope, but they are not currently
> > listed in the PLP documents found at their WEB site. Maybe PLP
> > is going to discontinue BG below 1/2"? This is what their PDF let
> > me suppose...
> >
> > A much more complicated matter (at least for me) follows.
> > My wire rope has diameter 3/16", is galvanized, EHS, 6 strands of 7
> > each (6 X 7). The strands are laid to the right and the individual wires
> > (inside the strands) are laid to the left. This lay direction is known
> >"Right Hand Regular Lay". For better description of this classification,
> > see
> >
> > When describing Big Grips and Guy Grips, the PLP documents say "Left
> > lay standard" and also say "Big-Grip dead-ends must have the same lay
> > direction as the strand to which they are applied."
> >
> > So,
> > 1 - why the PLP standard is "left hand lay direction" if most wire rope
> > types are right hand laid?
> > 2 - which lay direction must be matched: the lay direction of the
> > or the lay direction of the wires within the strands?
> >
> > I've E-Mailed PLP but the reply I got was completely worthless (the
> > respondent simply asked me to call him by phone... and I am in Brazil).

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