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[Towertalk] Aluminum Tubing

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Subject: [Towertalk] Aluminum Tubing
From: (Dino Darling)
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2003 10:08:20 -0800
Just be sure to cover and/or sand and polish the areas that join!  Use 
Noalox (etc)!

Anodizing is an "accelerated oxidation process" that takes care of any 
future oxidation for you!  And as we know, "oxidation" has INSULATING 
properties.  I'm 99.999999999999% sure Steve already knows this, but I 
wanted to make sure everyone else does too!

I actually go one more step and have my elements TIG welded together in 10' 
sections (+ or -) and THEN clear anodized!  This eliminates clamps, rivits, 
screws, etc and ANY chance of loosing electrical contact.  If the antenna 
needs to be broken down, it gets as small as 10' sections (usually SMALLER 
than most booms) and can then be transported.  I have not had any issues 
with doing this "yet".  Its best to leave the last element free to adjust.

>[Steve Katz]  I haven't been following the "tubing" thread, but
>aluminum only stays shiny if it's been treated with something to stop
>oxidation.  I go to the local anodizing shop (they are everywhere) and have
>them do a chem etch and clear irridite or clear anodize.  Either will keep
>the aluminum looking nice for quite a while, and the cost is small. 

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