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[Towertalk] Big Grip or Guy-Grip - #2

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Subject: [Towertalk] Big Grip or Guy-Grip - #2
From: (Roger)
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 10:29:33 +0000
Many thanks to Stan W7NI, Mike N2MG, Steve K7LXC and Tom N4KG for all 
information provided on PLP Big Grips/Guy Grips and their use with EHS 
strand and wire rope.
Now I understood very well what was going on. My misunderstanding was 
caused by my problem with English... "Wire rope" and "EHS strand" are 
different things...

In USA, you guys use 1 X 7 left hand laid EHS wire strand (1 strand, 7 
wires) to guy towers, while here in PY we (I mean radio amateur operators) 
never use it: we always use 6 X 7 wire rope, which is (normally) right hand 
laid. This lay direction is the same standard as in the USA, but only for 6 
X 7 wire rope. EHS strand is left hand laid as default, both in USA and in 

So, PLP Big Grips and Guy Grips are not suitable for me because they have 
left hand lay as standard. They are available here, done by PLP Brazil, 
among other brazilian manufacturers, but they are made for the electrical 
and telco companies, who always use 1 X 7 EHS strands here.

PLP Brazil contacted me and told me that they do not recommend their BG or 
GG for 6 X 7 wire rope, even if I had bought the left hand laid 6 X 7 wire 
rope from the wire rope manufacturer (it is possible to order, but 
expensive) because PLP grips are made for 1 X 7 STRANDS.

Moreover, PLP USA finally responded to my E-Mail with a very attentive 
reply, covering all aspects of the subject and answering each of my questions.

Back to cable clamps...
Vy 73 and HNY de Roger, PY1OL - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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