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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 20:38:12 EST
I am in the final stages of a modest antenna system design for my new QTH 
here in AZ. I would like any of you to share your comments if you own/built 
or have used any of the following 40m antennas:

F12 MAG 340N
F12 MAG 240N
M2 40M2L
M2 40M3L
M2 40M4L

Of specific interest is the following;

1. How do you rate its performance? (I realize this can be fairly subjective 
but those of you who REALLY know 40m can rate this with some accuracy.)

2. What have you rated it against?

3. How do you rate mechnical integrity? I.e. Has it stood the "test of time" 
or does it look like it would?

4. How difficult was it to build and erect?

5. Was any abnormally lengthy tuning process neeed to get it to play right?

6. Customer service, good, bad or ?

Hopefully I can get some good responses thru this reflector. Outside of a few 
days operating with a M2 40M3L at a northern MI QTH, I have no experience 
with any of the above. Plus I may have been spoiled using very high 
(160-200') full sized 3 el yagis at friends (K8LX) QTH's back in MI thur the 
years. (ie I wasnt that impressed with M2 40M3L but admittedly I didn't give 
it much of a real run).

What say? Thanking all in advance!

73, Bob K8IA
Mesa, AZ
near the Superstition Mtns

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