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[Towertalk] Salvaging ferrite cores

To: <>
Subject: [Towertalk] Salvaging ferrite cores
From: (Chuck Counselman)
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 11:50:35 -0500
At 10:27 AM -0600 1/11/03, Jon Ogden NA9D wrote:
"...a little off of towertalk, but a good thread.  Thanks, Steve, for 
the indulgence!"

The large number of Towertalk posts relating to ferrite-core 
common-mode chokes, baluns, and transformers (which often are 
different names for the same thing) says that this is a mainstream 
topic.  Every ham with a tower needs at least one ferrite-core 
choke/balun/transformer (and if anyone doesn't think so, I'll try to 
educate him).

The number of posts about burned-out and broken ferrite 
chokes/baluns/transformers has also been substantial.  Ferrite is 
expensive and worth salvaging; yet few of us knew why, how, or how 
well it could be done; so I found this thread very worthwhile.  I 
hope that it was not just indulgence that kept Steve from squelching 

73 de Chuck, W1HIS

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