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[Towertalk] Re: 100M-long boom Yagi for 20M

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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: 100M-long boom Yagi for 20M
From: (Jan Erik Holm)
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 09:04:18 +0100
Yes remember working W6TSW all the time back then, he had a
big signal indeed, beacme SK a few years ago I think.
However, 16 dBi can be obtained quite easy with a 2 yagi stack.
Also remember back in the late 60´ties or early 70´ties there
was a big rotary 12 el Yagi in California (think it was 12 el),
think his call was WA6ZZK or something close. He had a monster
signal but he wasn´t only runing a monster antenna he had a
monster linear amplifier also, there are rumours of some very
very big numbers, maybe someone have more info?

73 Jim SM2EKM

> TT:
>      I was going through some old mags in the basement today and found a
> couple of articles of interest (I hope) to TowerTalk related to Yagis.  They
> are both from the June 1991 issue of IEEE's Antennas and Propagation
> Magazine.
>      The first, A Modern Giant Yagi, was written by W6TSW, W6VPH and K6BLG.
> It describes their work on a 13-element, 100-meter long boom (!) Yagi for
> 20M.  The Yagi was constructed on six colinear towers on a hilltop in
> Southern California.  The top guy set of each tower is dielectric material,
> according to the authors.  One tower supports what looks like a wide-spaced
> three-element 20M Yagi - Refl/DE/Dir 1 of the array.  Each of the remaining
> five towers supports a wide-spaced 2-element Yagi (Dirs 2-11).  The photos
> show all of the booms pointing in the same direction.  The plane of the 13
> elements (tower height) is said to be 25M AGL.

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