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[Towertalk] Re: 100M-long boom Yagi for 20M

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Subject: [Towertalk] Re: 100M-long boom Yagi for 20M
From: (W0UN--John Brosnahan)
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 06:58:47 -0600
>Also remember back in the late 60´ties or early 70´ties there
>was a big rotary 12 el Yagi in California (think it was 12 el),
>think his call was WA6ZZK or something close.

I don't have my CQ mags at the new QTH yet, so I can't check the
exact issue for the date that this antenna appeared on the cover, but,
if I recall correctly, it was 13 elements on a 156 ft boom.  My
modeling on this antenna indicated that it was probably too high--
resulting in a null at some important elevation angles.

And the W6TSW "multi-support" fixed Yagi was covered in some detail
many years later in CQ magazine as well.

--John  W0UN

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