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[Towertalk] Request for Assistance in Identifying Manufacturer of 60' Cr

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Subject: [Towertalk] Request for Assistance in Identifying Manufacturer of 60' Crank-Up Tower
From: (Steve Katz)
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 07:55:15 -0800
Sure looks like an HD354 to me (Tri-Ex, and a lot older than the 1980's), or
possibly the Tristao counterpart (also a lot older than 1980's).

The welded cross bars, without any diagonal ("zig zag") struts, don't
support much twisting torque.  For any substantial beam installation, those
towers should be guyed.  You can fabricate a base from re-bar and welded
mounting flanges; 1-1/2 cubic yards of concrete should be enough if your
ground is solid (and previously undisturbed).


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enthusiasm." -Winston Churchill

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> Subject:      [Towertalk] Request for Assistance in Identifying
> Manufacturer of 60' Crank-Up Tower
> I recently purchased a 60' crank-up tower and am interested in determining
> the manufacturer so that I might obtain specifications for the base,
> maximum
> loading, etc.  I'm hoping that someone can assist me in identifying the
> manufacturer and model number - and can direct me to documentation for
> this
> tower.
> The entire tower is galvanized steel and is in excellent condition with
> only
> slight surface discoloration below the K1500(?) winch (which has rusted
> badly and I will replace).  I have posted pictures at
> Based on my conversation with the previous owner, I believe that the tower
> was manufactured in the early 1980s.  I haven't been able to find any
> manufacturer name or identifying part number on the tower.  It consists of
> 3
> sections all of which have horizontal cross bracing of 1-1/4" wide straps
> spaced at about 15-1/2" intervals.  There is no diagonal cross bracing.
> The
> lowest section of the tower is 19'9" in height and has a triangular cross
> section of roughly 16-3/4".  The bolt pattern on the base of the tower is
> designed to enable the tower to tilt.
> When the previous owner and I removed the tower from its previous
> location,
> the base for the tower had to be left behind as it was partially embedded
> in
> concrete and had some rust so I can't offer any details on the bolt
> pattern
> of the base.
> Any assistance with identifying the make/manufacturer of this tower - and
> some direction in finding appropriate documentation - would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> David Yeaple
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