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[Towertalk] Rohn rotator plate for 25G

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Subject: [Towertalk] Rohn rotator plate for 25G
From: (Mark .)
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 09:29:56 -0500
<< I'm trying to put a triangular shaped Rohn rotator plate (accessory shelf 
AS25G) near the middle of a standard Rohn 25G section.  But no matter how I 
twist and turn it, I can't get it to fit anywhere within the diagonal 
braces. Does anyone know of a way to do it without cutting the tower braces? 
The exact position is not critical; I would just prefer not to have to put 
it at the bottom of the section and have less mast available above the 
thrust bearing at the top.>>

Hi Joe,
I have also accomplished this by notching all three sides of the shelf. I 
used a V shaped notch, roughly 1.25 inches on a side (equilateral). You have 
to place the notches off center to accommodate the braces. The exact 
distance off center depends on where you want to place it between two 
horizontal braces. By placing the shelf about 3" above a horizontal brace, 
you can still climb on that brace after the installation. The notches turn 
out to be about 1-2 inches off center. You can easily estimate this before 
cutting at your intended location. I don't feel that these notches 
significantly weaken this shelf.

Be sure to paint the cut edges liberally with cold galvanizing paint.

I have found that the Yaesu 400 and 800 series rotors will fit inside the 
tower if you first remove their mast clamp assemblies.

I've also use this trick to install a second thrust bearing inside the 
tower, used only for holding the mast during mast climbing and rotor 



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