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[Towertalk] Cushcraft A4S to 40m 2 el?

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Subject: [Towertalk] Cushcraft A4S to 40m 2 el?
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Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 08:58:36 -0500
I was looking through an older "hints and kinks" mag from the ARRL and
I noted there was an article in there with a mod to the A3 which involved
adding the 40m extention kit(s) to the original director and director
in order to effect a 2 element 40 m capability.

The author did buy an A4 boom and cut it down , in order to support
the extra weight of the add on kits. He also added a new feed to
one of the elements and a relay to short the new split 40m driven
element when using the beam on 10/15/20 . I believe that the
40m driven element is made from the original 10/15/20 director.

I've got an A4, and one of the add ons. This sounds like an interesting
project.  The A4 boom is 18 feet, so the new driven el to reflector spacing
is not too bad.

Any thoughts on the feasibilty of this, or has someone actually done it?

 John wb5oau

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