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[Towertalk] tnx info, Greenlee & 80M vert.

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Subject: [Towertalk] tnx info, Greenlee & 80M vert.
From: (Dale L Martin)
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 11:14:58 -0600
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> Subject: [Towertalk] tnx info, Greenlee & 80M vert.
> It's been less than 24 hours but I already have good suggestions
> on both my
> questions.  Here's a summary, some of which went just to me and
> not to the
> reflector.
> 1.  I realized myself I could ease the Greenlee hanging chad problem by
> using a larger drill bit for the pilot hole.  Then the chad would be less
> likely to bind not only in the cup where it, by definition, is
> going to be
> an exact fit, but also to the screw in the middle.  With a larger
> pilot hole
> it would only be binding on the outside.  This occurred to me after
> launching the towertalk question.

The problem there is that the hole is now wide enough that you may not
accurately put the punched hole exactly where you want it. If that's not an
issue, then go for the bigger pilot hole.  If you want your punched holes in
line, then maybe you should stay with the recommended pilot hole size and
live with digging harder to remove the chads.

> 2.  I like the idea of using WD-40 on the punch beforehand.  I
> have noticed
> they have a definite tendency to rust.

WD40 is a cleaner, not a lubricant.  It's going to dry away.  For the
punches, you might just use some household oil (3-in-1 type)...messy, but
effective, I believe, at inhibiting rust, etc.

dale, kg5u

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