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[Towertalk] Virus Nortons 2002 Business version... A1

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Subject: [Towertalk] Virus Nortons 2002 Business version... A1
From: (Lee Noonan)
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 11:48:00 +1100
I have Nortons 2002 Business version Anti Virus... and it scans everything
coming in and going out... I Have had NO Problems since using this
system.... It Automatically upgrades itself once a week, although You can do
it everyday if You like. It Also scans Your Harddrives once a week
automatically. I have had every virus around, sometimes up to 2-3 a day and
Nortons catches them all..

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Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 4:24 AM
Subject: RE: [Towertalk] Virus

> If you have one of the later versions especially the newest version of
Norton, you can boot from the CD and run the scanners from there. This has
helped me on more than one occasion trying to clean bugs from
> systems. Just my 2 cents worth
> 73

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> Al Williams wrote:
> > I am still getting e-mails from Towertalk subscribers (and others)
> > asking what I meant or what my purpose was in sending an e-mail to
> > them.
> > I have not been sending them (or anyone else) e-mails.  It was because
> > of two viruses (Klez & bugbear) that did the dirty work. And I am not
> > responding to their query even though I think my system has the
> > viruses eradicated.
> > k7puc

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